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Award Winning Creative Digital Design, Development and Technology at your disposal.

At Freetimers we work with you much like a long-term strategic partner.  Our goal is to help you grow your business, and we can provide everything you may need for your business’ online presence. Domain names, resilient hosting, email, fully responsive websites from simple one-page microsites to massive websites with complex bespoke functionality and ecommerce for thousands of products of all kinds. We also embrace continuous improvement so your website can keep pace with changing needs as your business grows. We can further help you improve and streamline work processes and website environment so you are progressively building competitive advantage. And we back it up with quality support and all forms of digital marketing, SEO, social media, and on-going conversion rate improvement-- all geared to helping you better connect and engage with your target audience and customers.

We can help you set-up, improve and optimise your online presence, whatever the size of your business, with responsive website and other creative design, development, programming, marketing, SEO, business process streamlining and strategic consultancy. We’ll work with you as your strategic partner, standing by your side to help you to grow your business, and making available the massive experience and expertise we’ve built up over more than 20 years of helping businesses just like yours. The fact that many of our clients have grown to be the UK leaders in their sectors is testament to the on-going contribution we can provide you.


We’re an innovative website design and digital agency established in 1997 that combines highly creative web-targeted design with real business management knowledge and technological expertise, as well as highly successful digital marketing and SEO services. Our strategy has always been to be a close strategic partner to our clients to deliver on-going growth and to help them manage that growth successfully over the long to medium term.

Our SEO is amongst the best anywhere, and our websites really get results; we have helped numerous clients grow from nothing to be the leaders in their sectors, and this continues to this day (see our case studies).

Based in Northampton with around 20 full time staff, we also have additional staff around the UK and overseas.


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Growing Your Business

Our business is about helping you build yours, and using our IT, business management and Internet expertise to help you maximise your business' potential. We will help you get to the top of your field, with a great website that will achieve your business goals and build for the future. Many of our most successful clients were start-ups just a few years ago, and some of these have indeed reached the top, and we are still working with them, every day, with new marketing and SEO campaigns, new website functionality, and programming to make them highly efficient by automating back office processes and integrating them with their websites, to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors.

Freetimers is not just a web designer, developer, programmer or digital marketing/SEO specialist. We are a web strategic partner for your business, and we have proven the benefits of our approach for clients over and over again. So if you have been through the mill with other web firms, or are a new startup, make the right decision and choose Freetimers.

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Imagine working with a web design, development, programming, marketing, SEO company and digital agency that wants to really understand your business and use its online presence to help you win significantly more visitors and sales. A company that has the experience of creating over 1,500 websites but still has the enthusiasm to make its next project the best yet. A company that helps enable your site to climb to the top of Google's results for your key search phrases. We don’t just build websites – we help our clients build their businesses.

  • 22+ years in business
  • Highly qualified full time staff
  • Vast experience and expertise
  • In-house designers, programmers, teckies, SEO and digital marketing
  • Dedicated support service
  • Thorough knowledge of business processes
  • Managed Services and a one stop shop for all online requirements

Below are a representative sample of some of the websites we've produced, including brochure sites and big and complex ecommerce sites, some of which are the current sector leaders. Click here to see more of our website and branding.

We have some very interesting and sometimes spectacularly successful case studies of our work, covering website design and development on one hand, and SEO and Digital Marketing on the other. Click on the toggle provided to see the other type. Please note some of these clients have been customers for more than 10 years, and others were start-ups when they came to us.

Website Design and Development Case Studies

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SEO and Digital Marketing Case Studies

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Case Studies
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