Programming and Development

Lead Developer

The primary purpose of lead developers is to act as a technical lead advising and showing other developers how to complete tasks that they might not otherwise be able to accomplish on their own. The lead developer provides direction, advice and guidance. This role is creator, leader and mentor rolled into one. In many respects they can be seen as a teacher of how to do the work as opposed to a doer of the work. The lead developers are responsible for directing the developers in code design, coding, testing and debugging of applications. The lead developer works closely with the Project Managers to help schedule the correct developer to the correct tasks. The lead developer ensures effective communication between developers and other areas of the business.  

The lead developers will understand the goals and strategy behind each project from conception through completion. Our thoughtful, dedicated approach to working with clients is what sets us apart. Lead developers help make sure each project meets or exceeds the goals we set out to achieve. Often a client will not know what they want, part of the lead developer's role is to make recommendations to internal operatives, providing improvements that enhance the Freetimers to client relationships. Additionally, the lead developer will be constantly seeking opportunities for standardising code for subsequent re-use, as well as for inclusion in the Freetimers’ platform as new modules or module options that can be deployed subsequently for other clients.

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