Some Dubious Thinking at Google with its Beta Release of Continuous Search

14th Sep 2021

Google has added to its Android version of Chrome a feature which shows competing sites above yours when the user is visiting your site! Adwords advertisers will not be happy…

All New Entegra Enterprise Hub Launch Imminent

1st Sep 2021

Our great new Entegra platform is about to have its first Enterprise Hub implementation rolled-out, which brings together all the business, product and inventory management for multiple websites and other channels under one fully integrated management system. Manage all your orders and enquiries from one place! Streamline and improve your business processes!

Freetimers Press Release on Winning 3 Awards

1st Dec 2020

Freetimers wins 3 top awards in 2020, including for 'Best Website Development & SEO Agency-UK 2020'.  See our press release.

Ecommerce Success During Covid-19

1st Jul 2020

After the initial shock of the Covid-19 lockdown in spring 2020, many of our ecommerce clients saw huge increases in sales for their products, based upon their ecommerce websites.

4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Stop Your Marketing Efforts During Covid-19

26th Mar 2020

There’s no getting around it, no dodging or sugar-coating it – the world is in a mess right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. And the sad reality is that things will continue in this vein for some time yet. There are thousands of new cases emerging daily and businesses as a result will continue to be impacted... but is it all doom and gloom? 

The New Goes Live

22nd Aug 2019

Our very long-awaited new website is live -- at last! Not only is the site new, with lots of new pages and content reflecting what we actually do, it is also implemented using our all new leading edge ENTEGRA cms, which represents a massive leap forward in website and business online management systems.

Freetimers Appointed as a TrustPilot Certified Partner

19th Aug 2019

Freetimers has just been appointed as a TrustPilot Certified Partner.  After working with TrustPilot now for many years we decided to take the plunge and become a fully certified partner.

GDC Breaks New Record with 7.65 Million Hits

14th Aug 2019

We reported on the steady rise of site in 2009 as achieving1.6 million hits and being No.1 on Google for 'Garage Doors'.  Ten years on they're still No 1 and surpassing 7.6 million hits, with record visit rates as well.

eBay Active Content Ban - Improving User Experience

23rd Dec 2016

eBay have announced that as of June 2017, they will be enforcing an active content ban on their internet shopping platform.

Important to React Now to Google's Latest Changes!

27th Nov 2014

In what was a clear response to the imminent launch of Microsoft's new "Google-Busting" search engine at MSN, Google has responded in the last week with a number of changes to its ranking algorithm, and also by doubling the number of results it produces in response to a search.

New Ground-Breaking Recruitment Agency Freedom Website System Launched

11th Nov 2014

The first major manifestation of our Freedom and Right-Now Empowered Technology was launched in November 2004, offering £10k functionality for a fraction of the price.

Boomerang Surpasses 1.7M Hits in October 2006

10th Nov 2014

Our client Boomerang Rentals has cleared 1.7 million hits per month in October 2006, which continues the site's amazing success after breaching the 1 million barriers only in June. 

The phenomenal growth is in part the result of Freetimers' extensive search engine optimisation work, combined with a long term link popularity campaign.  For more information about our web marketing services please contact Freetimers on +44-(0)1604-626477, or contact us using our inquiry form on the Contact Us page (link above).

Success for Freetimers DSB Development

23rd Sep 2014

Freetimers' has successfully completed the development of its rural broadband 'Distributed Satellite Broadband'system, branded as 'DSB', which is now being deployed throughout the UK.  Europe is next!

Boomerang top 1 million hits in June 2006

1st Jul 2014

Our client Boomerang Rentals has cleared the 1 million hit per month barrier in June 2006 and has now achieved top 5 listings on Google for its main search terms, after extensive search engine optimisation and a link popularity campaign by Freetimers.

Amazon Product Ads Alongside Marketplace Listings

20th Jun 2014

Amazon announced earlier this year that PPC adverts on their website would be listed alongside its marketplace listings, in a bid to ‘drive qualified traffic from our site to yours’.

New Website Launch

3rd Mar 2014

Freetimers are launching a new website,, to celebrate their continued success and to make sure that they are seen as leading the way in their market place.

Freetimers Launches Freedom™

2nd Mar 2014

Over the last two years Freetimers has been developing a new website system of unparalleled power and ease of use. This system has been encapsulated in the Freetimers 'Freedom' system, using our 'Right Now-Empowered Technology™'.

New Universal Models Site Hits the Big Time!

10th Feb 2014

Six months from launch of probably the best model agency website in the UK, has broken the 1 million hits barrier.

NHS Contract

1st Feb 2014

Freetimers Internet contract with the NHS.

Freetimers Launches New Multi-Channel Ecommerce System

30th Jan 2014

Phase 1 of the development of our Multi-Channel Ecommerce Management Module has been completed and implemented on two of our clients' ecommerce systems...

Brockhall Village Chooses Freetimers DSB as Broadband Supplier

1st Jan 2014

Freetimers DSB has been chosen by The Brockhall Village Residents Association and the Brockhall Development Company to supply broadband to its 300+ residents, who are unable to receive terrestrial ADSL broadband.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Freetimers

18th Dec 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Freetimers

Integrating Ebay and Amazon shops with your Ecommerce Website

27th Nov 2013

An ecommerce website can essentially be your very own shop front that’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, but that does not mean it has to be your only channel for creating sales.

A mobile app or a mobile website, or both?

5th Nov 2013

Smartphones can be used to install a variety of applications, and today many businesses will make a decision on whether or not want to design and create an app.

Multi-Channel System - Expand your Business and Save Time

23rd Sep 2013

Selling your products through different channels can have a major effect on increasing sales, yet it can also make it extremely difficult to stay in control.

Our Updated Website Goes Live Today

25th Jul 2013

Our principal website, has had a design update and has gone live today. This site is primarily focused on website programming and development, complex development and business process improvement bespoke programming works.

CTR Lasers 50% Enquiry Increase

11th Apr 2013

Since their new site went live on December 21st 2012, CTR Lasers enquiry rate has increased by 49% over the same period the previous year. The site also has 66 new Google No 1 positions! new site goes live at World's End!

21st Dec 2012

Yes, our awaited new web design targeted site is live today. Go to

New Web Design targeted site Coming Soon

30th Sep 2012

Freetimers currently operates a number of websites, with the flagship corporate site, and our main SEO and Web Marketing targeted site, but our site has not been used for several years.

Just Tyres Consolidates Partnership with Freetimers

28th Aug 2012

In 2011 Freetimers started a relationship with the leading UK-wide Tyre Retail and fitting business Just Tyres.  Low key to begin with, we first simply provided programming and other support for the website.

New Launched!

10th Sep 2011

After quite a few years, we have finally managed to update our site.  We hope you like it, but also, we hope we have adequately conveyed that we are not like most other web designers. 

Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Website

23rd Aug 2011

Have a look at some of our tips for getting the most from your website.  Straightforward advice not to be ignored!

Deliveries and returns are priorities for UK e-commerce

23rd Aug 2011

E-commerce shoppers in the UK are chiefly concerned with how they will receive their goods, and how they would be able to return them in the event of a problem, a comScore study reveals.

Google Panda -- The beginning of the end of the Google Search Engine?

23rd Aug 2011

Just about everyone uses Google as our search engine of choice.  But is it still doing its job, or has it changed beyond redemption?

Freetimers Wins PepsiCo Contract

23rd Aug 2011

In 2010 Freetimers undertook a major project with Pepsi Co to design and build a high quality interactive environment for them to deliver their sustainable production message to their staff and partners worldwide.  This is the story...

Why the Eyes?

23rd Aug 2011

People often ask us why we have the eyes as part of our website branding. 

Here's why!

Freetimers Has Moved!

8th Aug 2011

After a long time at Adnitt Road, from August 8th

Holidays 2 knock Virgin off Google Top Slot!

15th Apr 2010

The site continues to go from strangth to strength, finally achieving No 1 for its main search phrase 'canada holidays' on Google

Simply Education Stunning Growth Attracts Dragons Den Investor James Caan

14th Apr 2010

Simply Education, another startup with Freetimers, has achieved tremendous growth over the last few years and has come to the attention of Dragons Den participant James Caan, who has now invested in the company.

Boomerang Beating LoveFilm with 8Million hits in March 2010

14th Apr 2010

Boomerang, a start-up business with Freetimers 4 years ago, is No 1 on Google and is beating LoveFilm, their deep-pocketed rival. The site has achieved nearly 8 million hits in March, more than double this time last year!

Boomerang breaks 4.5 million hits!

17th Nov 2009 continues to soar with 80% of their search phrases ranking in Google's Top 5 listings.

GDC No 1 on Google for Garage Doors!

10th Nov 2009

The website also broke through the 2 Million hits barrier in October 2009.

Freetimers Rated 5 Stars as Business Link Supplier

1st Nov 2009

During August Freetimers applied to become a Business Link Quality Assured Provider so it could be added to the Approved Suppliers Directory and considered for undertaking government and grant-funded works. Approval was granted achieving the “full East Midlands Brokerage Quality Assured standard”, with a 5 star rating. 

GDC tops 1.6M hits

30th Apr 2009

What Recession?  Our client GDC  has smashed through the 1.5 Million hits barrier in April 2009 with their flagship website, which is surprising given the state of the economy.  They have also had their highest ever visitor rate and are maintaining a pages to visits ratio of between 7 and 10 pages per visit, which is great!

Boomerang Wins WebUser Gold Award

9th Apr 2009

A full 5 Stars!  Our client Boomerang has just been rated the top Games Rental Site by Web User, winning their coveted Gold Award with 5 stars for ease of use and features. Naturally, we're very proud!

Boomerang Tops Google

28th Mar 2009

Our client Boomerang continues to go from strength to strength, topping 3.25 Million hits in February 2009, and reaching NO 1 on Google for the search phrase 'games rental', against 152,000,000 competing sites!

3D Design Services Introduced

23rd Jun 2008

Freetimers has been developing websites and CD presentations for years using Flash and Director, but lately, we have been doing a considerable amount of work in 3D.

1250% Traffic Increase for Trinity!

14th Jun 2008

Without using any pay per click or Google Adwords, Freetimers has successfully increased traffic to Trinity Marinas' website at, by a huge 1262% as at the end of April 2008. 

Freetimers Launches New Web Marketing Site

6th Jun 2008

In the last two years Freetimers has achieved some really spectacular results for some of our clients, so we decided to mark this achievement with a new website dedicated to SEO and web marketing.  The site was launched June 6th 2008, and we think you'll agree it is a nice little site!

Boomerang Breaks 2.5M Hits Barrier

2nd May 2008, now one of the top games rental sites in the UK, has broken through the 2.5 million hits barrier, achieving 2.73 million in March 2008.

New SEO Client Trinity: 500% + visits increase

9th Feb 2007

A new web marketing client to Freetimers, Trinity Marinas, has achieved more than a 500% increase in the monthly visits to its website, within only 3 months, and without utilising pay per click.

Boomerang Tops 2M hits in Nov 06

15th Dec 2006

Our client Boomerang Rentals has cleared 2 million hit per month in November 2006, which continues the site's amazing success after breaching the 1 million barrier only in June. 

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