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Marketing your website well on the Internet is very important. Just having a website will not mean that people will be able to find it, or having found it once, that they will remember it.

So, unless your business already knows all its customers (Rare!), spending money on having your website designed and built and not marketing it is, well frankly, pointless.

Once you’re ready to start the online marketing of your site, products and services, then you have a huge range of options available, including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (ppc), banner advertising, affiliate marketing, Facebook advertising and business pages, video, Twitter, articles, blogs, Google Base, Ebay, Amazon, micro-sites, cinema advertising, the list goes on and on and on…

What many digital agencies don’t tell you about are the choices you have. Freetimers is different. We are aware of the choices available, and we stay on top of it every day. We work with you to understand your business, your potential customers, and how and what they are likely to do to try to find what you offer. We also look at your available budget, because that will hugely shape what you can do effectively and successfully, as well as when you can do it.

Web Marketing Strategy, SEO Strategy DevelopmentThen, considering all this, there is also the risk and timing associated with each choice made. SEO for example takes time to be effective, usually between 6-12 months. Pay Per Click on the other hand, is pretty much instant and can be set up today, but it will cost between 5-20 times what SEO would cost.

Web Marketing strategy is about assessing all these options, and then prioritising what is done. We would all like to do everything, but unless your pockets are very deep indeed, you will not be able to do it.

At Freetimers we will work with you as your strategic partner, helping you with realistic assessments, and prioritising the options chosen, so you will be successful, and will be able to do it affordably. Then, as each step is achieved we will help you take the next steps until all your online marketing goals are achieved.

We are very successful at this, and some examples are presented in our Featured Portfolio and our Case Studies.  We can do the same for you.

For a first class Web Marketing Strategic Partner, you should be using Freetimers . Contact us today on 01604-638421.

SEO & Web Marketing Case Studies

Garage Doors Online

Results Summary at end February 2013

20 of 20 most important phrases in Google Top 10

Additional un-monitored phrases in Google Top 10:  25,000 +

No 1 Ecommerce Website in Sector in the UK

Currently 66k visitors, 580k page views, 5 million hits per month

Google No1 for 'garage door' and 'garage doors' 

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