After Freetimers started their SEO work to our website 3 months ago, our Google rankings, visitors and the number of enquiries we received increased dramatically. We have seen a great improvement on the site with one off cleaning enquiries up over 300%, we are really pleased! We've used other SEO services but never received results anything like as good as this.

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The development of Web 2.0 and its introduction of user interactivity with the internet has had a huge effect on just about everyone. It has also opened up many new opportunities for businesses, not only for ecommerce but also for creating on-going relationships with their customers, building trust and brand loyalty, and creating and engaging with the online community.

Social Media Page Design for Facebook, Youtube, twitter, linked in and more

Call Now 01604 638421There are many examples of Web 2.0, the most well known perhaps being social media websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Linked in, but there are many others. For business, these are important sites for a number of reasons, however the principal one is probably because of the huge numbers of users these sites have. Because they are also “user environments” where people can spend a significant portion of their online lives, being able to be found within these environments can be important, particularly if your competitors are there.

Freetimers are hugely experienced designers, programmers and online marketers and SEO experts, and we can assist you by producing high quality designs for your social media presence to enhance your brand and corporate identity, and kick off your business relationship with these huge market channels. We can also set up and manage the accounts for you, providing content and potentially responding to visitors to your pages for you. We can also ensure that any seo related benefits are fully accounted for, on an on-going basis. (Social media content is a form of “current referring content” which can play a part in boosting your website’s Google rankings.)

Facebook Shops and Advertising Service

Facebook in particular, with its 650 million and growing user-base also has sophisticated and targeted advertising tools which Freetimers has experience of, and can help you set up and manage. Facebook has also, in 2011, introduced its own ecommerce system, and Freetimers is much better placed than most web businesses to help you assess whether such a shop is warranted for your business, and implement it for you with a first class design and any programming customisation that may be available or required.

Blog Design, Construction and Management

Blog Design, Social Media Design, Facebook Page Design, Blog DesignThe other main form of Web 2.0 has been the development of blogs. A blog is generally an online website for posting short articles, which, like a form, people can add comments to, but unlike forms one can potentially subscribe to a blog and also include content from it dynamically within your website. Most people use blogs now as a simple but interactive website from which they interact with other users and customers.
Freetimers is very experienced designing and developing blogs, as well as “blog-like” software for allowing people to add comments to web pages on your existing site. Whether you need a Word Press blog, a custom blog or adding Web 2.0 commenting functionality to your existing website, Freetimers can assist you.

We can set up a simple WordPress blog for you in less than a day, particularly if you are happy to use one of the thousands of ready-made design themes which Word Press makes available for free. Freetimers can also produce a completely bespoke design for you so your blog will express your brand or corporate identities, and these usually take 1-3 days, depending on the complexity of your requirements.

If you are interested in having a professional design for your social media presence or blog, contact Freetimers today on 01604-638421.


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