"Freetimers have been a huge help to us. We'd been using a London Agency, paid 10k up front and then 4,500 per month on Google Adwords. Freetimers took over, got us greatly improved results and saved us 45,000 in the first year alone. They're the best, and I would have no hesitation at all to recommend them."

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Search Engine Marketing

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation & Pay Per Click

Call Now 01604 628429So you have your new website, and you ask yourself now what do I do? Or, you’ve had your site for a while, but it has never done much for you.

Having a website live on the Internet, unfortunately, doesn’t mean anyone will know it is there. Yes, you can tell your customers about it, but then unless they tell others, your business won’t grow very much using the Internet.

No, what makes the Internet such a powerful medium is the fact that people who know nothing about you, or ever heard of your business, its products or services, can potentially find you. And they may find you because of their need, and that they are actively seeking to find your product or service, or have a need which your products fulfil.

The vast majority of people use search engines such as Google to find things on the internet, and if you want your business and its offering to be found, you have to ensure your site is listed by these search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is a process that combines art and science that seeks to ensure your site is found in a search engine’s results (SERPS) when someone searches for something relevant to your business. If your site is not relevant to the words a person used in their search, chances are it won’t be listed, or “ranked” highly enough in the list of results for people to find you. Google for example doesn’t just look at the content of your site, it looks a specific content associated with specific HTML tags. When your site is well optimised, it means Google understands what your site is about and will rank it higher in its database of web pages when a relevant search is made.

SEO is about much more than just the relevancy of your site however, and Freetimers is an SEO expert company that can help ensure your site is seen and ranks highly in the most important search engines, like Google. To find out more about our SEO services, click here.

The principal issue with SEO is that it takes time, and it needs to be worked on regularly to keep it successful. Even so, it is probably the best method for marketing your site, by a long way. 

Pay Per Click

Call Now 01604 628429Pay Per Click, or (PPC) is probably the most widely used method of paid advertising on the Internet, and Google Adwords is its foremost example. Unlike SEO, PPC can be established very quickly, usually in a day or two. A well crafted and set up PPC campaign can also be very successful generating business and it is very targeted and demand led. Because of this PPC is easy to understand (although it can be complex to use) and the return on investment (ROI) is clear and obvious.

Whilst PPC has all these potential benefits, its downside is that it can cost a fortune. In our experience, PPC can cost between 5 and 20 times more than SEO to reach a smaller population. It is a smaller population because the majority of search engine users completely ignore pay per click (or “sponsored”) advertisements. These estimated 60% of users simply pass them by, and move to the “natural” or “organic” search engine listings, which is what SEO is targeted at.


In any Internet marketing strategy, choices usually have to be made because of budgetary, timing or risk constraints, and there is often a big choice between SEO and PPC.

SEO is really the longer term (and better) option, but also because it accesses bigger markets than PPC, and ultimately is much less expensive, in some way it should be an essential part of the marketing mix. While SEO waits to work however, PPC’s benefits should be considered.

Often for our clients we will perform a “balancing act” between the two, so neither the short term or long term is ignored. The greatest success can sometimes be to do both SEO and PPC, particularly after the SEO results are established and the business can afford PPC.

Freetimers will work with you to help make the tough choices, and will encourage their continual reassessment in order to get you the best results and to grow your business. Conact us today on 01604 628429.

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