"Freetimers have managed our web presence for 10 years now, and our sites have consistently delivered over that decade, despite huge changes in the market. 10 years ago we were one of 400 entries on google, today one of 750k - but still on page 1, in fact we're No 1!!. Thank You"

P Poulson, MD, Sunday Best

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Content Management

Freedom CMS Content Management System UK

Call Now 01604 638421Freedom TM is Freetimers' brand name for our state-of-the-art content management system, which we started developing in 1999, and officially launched under the 'Freedom' brand in October 2004, and updated constantly since then. It combines a full online high power relational database with multi-modular functionality building blocks and wysiwyg content creation, which together provide an unparalled means by which clients can update their own websites and potentially create new pages at will. Because of the power and expandability of the system, and the 'Right-Now-EmpoweredTM technology it employs, Freedom literally opens the door to a new age for website owners.

Freedom can be customised to suit any website requirement, can be integrated with any website design, and can be expanded indefinately -- probably eventually to include all business IT functions, from a simple, user-friendly admin area.  Freedom includes ecommerce and Ebay shop modules, and can be used to manage multiple sites or shops, in multiple languages.

Probably the main differentiating factor between Freedom and the now ubiquitous open source systems like Joomla, Drupal, Oscommerce, Wordpress and others is that ours is easier to use, and designed for change, customisation and expansion.  In our experience the same amendments generally take 2-3 times longer using other systems than our own, so website owners should see big savings in ongoing development.

As you can see, we're really pleased about Freedom, and we regularly add new Freedom applications and modules, targeted both at specific industries and at people who prefer to do everything themselves at a fraction of the usual cost for a similar custom built website.  And, if there isn't a module already for your need, we can add whatever you need to your custom requirements.

You can have Freedom too!

Freedom standard modules include (but are not limited to):

  • user admin
  • content management
  • menus management
  • downloads
  • people/staff
  • vacancies
  • testimonials
  • success stories
  • links
  • news and events
  • press releases
  • features
  • articles
  • gallery
  • glossary
  • portfolio
  • faq's
  • sponsors
  • banner & advert management
  • form config
  • registrations/customer/supplier/retailer database
  • bulk email & newsletters
  • case studies
  • tracking
  • products, prices and offers
  • Ebay and third party shops
  • orders
  • chatrooms
  • comments management
  • forum
  • SEO
  • RSS and Google Base feeds

And much more, including invoicing, inventory and product databases!

Contact us today for further information on how you can have Freedom too, on 01604 638421.

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