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Client Support

Support Contracts

Call Now 01604 633585Freetimers offers a number of Support Contract types to cater to each specific client's needs and budgetary constraints. Generally speaking, prices are bespoke to each client depending upon the amount of support being used, the speed of response required, the mission criticality of your site, the complexity of your site, and the level of priority of the issue.  We currently have four contract types:

  • Basic Support
    As it says on the tin, our most basic package, helping you with issues, but without a Service Level Agreement (SLA), so we use our reasonable endeavours to get to your request as soon as possible, but after any competing requests from clients covered by the other contract types.
  • Standard Support
    The first support level with an SLA, with requests receiving priority over Basic Support or those without a support contract.
  • Rapid Support
    The second level of support with an SLA, with a faster response time and priority over Basic and Standard.
  • Priority Support 
    The top level of support, with priority over other contract levels, and where your site is highly mission critical.  It's all hands to the pumps time!

Contracts can be paid monthly in advance or annually with a discount.  Clients with multiple sites receive discounted rates for each additional site covered.

If you are interested in finding out more about our support service, or wish to upgrade to a higher level, don't hesitate to contact us, either by emailing support@www.freetimers.com, or by telephoning us on our Support line, 01604 633585.

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