"Freetimers have managed our web presence for 10 years now, and our sites have consistently delivered over that decade, despite huge changes in the market. 10 years ago we were one of 400 entries on google, today one of 750k - but still on page 1, in fact we're No 1!!. Thank You"

P Poulson, MD, Sunday Best

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On-Screen Design

Powerpoint Design Service

A Powerpoint presentation is a staple requirement for just about every organisation, and is often used to support very important meetings and pitches.  Yet people become bored to tears with 'yet another Powerpoint presentation', but mostly this is because very little thought or design is ever put into them.

Call Now 01604 626477If you have an important presentation coming up, and really need to make an impression, investing in a designed Powerpoint presentation could make all the difference.  Freetimers certainly has been in this position, and we know very well how much of a difference a well designed presentation can make.

Let us help you too.  Our design team covers a whole range of styles so we can design a Powerpoint template for you that will make your presentation stand out, and enhance your comrporate identity and professionalism at the same time.

We can just design a simple inexpensive template, or we can do a much more thorough job with custom graphics, illustrations, animated elements and more.  Prices would start from around £100 (+vat), and we would help review your requirement with you and suggest what level of spend would be appropriate, given your specific desired outcomes and the value of those to you and your organisation.

If you have a requirement and would like to discuss it and potential costs, please phone us on 01604 626477, for an informal chat.

SEO & Web Marketing Case Studies

Garage Doors Online

Results Summary at end February 2013

20 of 20 most important phrases in Google Top 10

Additional un-monitored phrases in Google Top 10:  25,000 +

No 1 Ecommerce Website in Sector in the UK

Currently 66k visitors, 580k page views, 5 million hits per month

Google No1 for 'garage door' and 'garage doors' 

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