The simplicity and speed at which our website was designed has restored my faith in websites. Prior to instructing Freetimers we had been quoted some very high prices and shown some not very good websites. The process was taken step by step. Freetimers guided us and pushed us to get our content onto the site. Maintaining the site has been easy for both existing and new staff to pick up.

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I have a new business and need to sell online...

Call Now 01604 638421If you have a new business wishing to sell on line, or a new Internet business idea that you would like to launch, you should definitely be talking with us.  Freetimers is not just a typical web designer, we can be your Internet strategic partner.  We have unparalleled experience in business strategy, marketing and systems with a multitude of business types, and we bring this to the table with all our clients.

Freetimers has also been particularly successful with start-ups.  We can help you examine and refine your business model and business plan, ensure your service or products are targeting the right markets and customers, define your initial systems and procedural requirements and plan your new site development in phases to find the most efficient and least expensive ways to launch your site and 'prove principle', so you don't waste your scarce resources.

Freetimers also has huge experience in ecommerce, web marketing and search engine optimisation, and the combination of this with our business expertise described above, will give you the best possible start.  We are confident we are better at this than any other agency we know of, so believe you will not be able to find a better partner.

Start-ups we helped launch are now amongst our most successful clients, operating at the very top of their respective fields, and we work tirelessly over the long term to help them make their business better and better, with growing sales, continuously improving Google and general Internet presence, and progressively better systems to keep them as efficient as possible, better able to compete, and growing their profitability. 

If you are a new start-up, or just starting a new sales channel on the Internet, contact Freetimers today by phoning us on 01604-638421.

Here are two major examples of our startup successes: is a UK based online games rental business.  A start up idea, the site was launched several years ago, but has been continuously improved ever since, currently in development phase 24!  Much of the work has been on developing the online admin system which has become very sophisticated and allows for virtually the whole business to be managed through it.  The site has been hugely successful and is No 1 on Google for 'games rental' and a huge number of other extremely competitive search phrases.  Despite being massively out-spent by its biggest rival LoveFilm, we have constantly beaten them on Google for the last 4 years.  In 2009 Boomerang won the coveted Best Site award from Web User magazine, with a full 5 stars for functionality, ease of use and design. startup for a new kind of recruitment business, focusing on supply teacher recruitment.  As for Boomerang, over several years the site and its associated administration system have been continuously developed, automating CRB checks and the majority of processes, and the business has progressed from nothing to a turnover of several £million in just a few years.  The business is now run almost entirely from the online systems created, and all the staff use it everyday, all day.  Simply Education now boasts it probably has the most sophisticated website and admin system in the industry, and its success brought it to the attention of Dragon's Den contributor James Caan, who has now invested in the company.

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Garage Doors Online

Results Summary at end February 2013

20 of 20 most important phrases in Google Top 10

Additional un-monitored phrases in Google Top 10:  25,000 +

No 1 Ecommerce Website in Sector in the UK

Currently 66k visitors, 580k page views, 5 million hits per month

Google No1 for 'garage door' and 'garage doors' 

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