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Deliveries and returns are priorities for UK e-commerce shoppers

E-commerce shoppers in the UK are chiefly concerned with how they will receive their goods, and how they would be able to return them in the event of a problem, a comScore study reveals.

The web analyst has published a survey of thousands of online shoppers from all over the world, with conclusions drawn on a country by country basis.

Among UK respondents, deliveries and returns ranked as high priorities, demonstrating that the link between the virtual and real worlds is still a pressure point where good planning can help e-commerce brands to gain market share.

Susan Engleson, senior director of comScore, says: "Consumers in Europe and across the globe have a growing number of digital touch points, with more ways to stay connected with their favourite online retailers through every phase of the shopping, buying and fulfilment process."

She adds that meeting consumers' evolving expectations and needs could ultimately prove to be the factor that sets on e-commerce retailer apart from the crowd, and delivers a competitive edge.

The findings come as familiar reading - the final mile of order fulfilment has long been an area of e-commerce where brands sink or swim in terms of how they are perceived among their customers.

With careful forward planning and a well designed e-commerce site - for example, one which is aware of stock levels to avoid taking orders for out-of-stock items - deliveries can be made more promptly and orders kept accurate, reducing the likelihood of incorrect items needing to be returned by customers.

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