I see from your website that your list of services has expanded and I guess you are doing better than ever. We are too, thanks to your input.

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Freetimers Wins PepsiCo Contract

Freetimers Internet, Northampton’s largest web developer, also offers a wide range of new media design services, including first-class presentations blending video, sound, Flash, 3d and virtual reality, for web, pc, television, cinema, mobile phone or video delivery, and at rates lower than most design agencies.

Leading Edge Dynamic & Interactive Presentations
A showcase project during 2010 is with PepsiCo, the worldwide food and drink group incorporating brands like Pepsi Cola and Walkers Crisps. The project was for an interactive, adaptable, multi-lingual, high quality presentation to introduce PepsiCo’s Sustainable Production Plans and incentivise staff and suppliers worldwide for the next 2-3 years. After approaching several design agencies without finding a successful solution, a chance meeting with a Freetimers’ partner resulted in a meeting with Freetimers’ MD Greg Poulson the next day. “Five minutes into the meeting we knew precisely what PepsiCo needed. We suggested an interactive dynamic Flash solution with a database and using our multi-lingual content management system. PepsiCo would have a presenter-led, interactive and customisable platform, usable for any languages they wished, and they could add new content themselves.”

Presentations can be tailored to suit specific audiences, and the presenter can expand on any issue they wish, in any order they wish using the flexible navigation, making it fully interactive, and not unidirectional like a PowerPoint presentation. Pages can be changed as required, and utilise graphics, flash or 3d animation, video and music.

“PepsiCo was impressed we immediately knew the solution. Because we work at the technology leading edge, the answer was obvious to us, whilst none of the design agencies discussed anything like it. We quoted the next day, and had it approved and ordered a day later.” Freetimers delivered the project for a conference in Germany, which was very successful. Greg adds “We’ve now finished Phase 2, added more languages, and the presentation is being used worldwide. PepsiCo is also considering using our platform for a number of additional requirements.”

“Our Dynamic Interactive Flash Presentation system is now well developed, and anyone with an ongoing training or marketing presentation requirement that needs interactivity, and the ability to easily grow and adapt it, should be talking to us.”

3d and Virtual Walkthrough Presentations
Another area of work is 3d and 3d virtual or augmented realities. “We do more 3d work every day”, says Greg, “including for television or cinema advertising, and high quality 3d virtual walkthrough presentations. Ours are not simple CAD-like presentations, but astonishingly realistic ones where you feel you’ve seen the real thing, with precise textures, lighting, shadows and more. For example, recently we have been discussing high quality walkthroughs with a major church group for new churches they wish to build, and a Spanish building firm with developments they wish to showcase. “These presentations aren’t cheap, but their quality knocks your socks off, so if you really need to make an impression, a virtual reality walkthrough may be what you need.”

To discuss your requirements, phone Greg Poulson on 01604-626477

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