Just want you to know that I appreciate the work you have done for me, you and the lads have done a terrific job and I could not have asked for a better web site.. thank you.

I. Jackson, Elite Traders Directory

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Yeah, I want fantastic design for my brand new website!

Websites That WorkOf course you do! And what is more, today you really can have some fantastic design done. Why? Well over the last 2-3 years broadband speeds have hugely increased, most people now have a broadband connection to the Internet, and screen sizes and resolutions have greatly improved. Because of all of these factors, designers can now do much, much more with your website’s design than even a couple of years ago. This didn’t used to be the case, so just because your present site’s design looks out of date or too small does not mean that your designer can’t do a better design. Chances are they can, so ask them what they can do for you, now!

Remember however, that design is not everything that a website is about! It is an important piece of the puzzle, but ultimately only a piece. What about the site’s content? What is the site supposed to do? How is the site going to be marketed? What about search engine optimisation? How will you manage the website over time? Will you have adequate resources in place to keep it up to date? Will the website need to be able to develop and grow as your business grows and changes? Is there value that can be added for your customers by integrating ordering or other business processes into your site or its administration system? Do you need to improve communications with your customers?

Call Now 01604 638421The point is that having a nicely designed website is not enough these days. What is important is that you can keep it up to date, just like a high street shop window. Visitors to your site will know whether you keep the site up to date or not, so don’t under-estimate their ability to see that. Even if your site’s design is brand new and up to date, these days you have to assume your competitor’s sites will be nicely designed too, so to differentiate yourself from them you will need to compete with better, more up to date content, better prices, better products and better service.

Freetimers can be your partner in all these things, helping you stay on your toes, and staying ahead of the competition.

For a free initial discussion of your requirements and how Freetimers can help you, contact us today on 01604 638421.

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