"Freetimers have been a huge help to us. We'd been using a London Agency, paid 10k up front and then 4,500 per month on Google Adwords. Freetimers took over, got us greatly improved results and saved us 45,000 in the first year alone. They're the best, and I would have no hesitation at all to recommend them."

N Fuchs, MD, Offices Please

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Ebay & Amazon Shops

Call Now 01604 638421A couple of years ago we started receiving requests from clients and prospective clients that an Ebay Shop management system which allowed users to manage all their products and prices for both their website and their shops on Ebay, Amazon, Play, Google Base and more, would provide them with huge time savings, better profitability and better responsiveness to competition. 

Their view was that the Ebay systems available on the market were generally very poor at managing products on their websites as well as Ebay, and that if we could develop a system that did both well, they would have it immediately.  They said our website system was better than any of these systems, and if we had Ebay and other third party shop management as well, we would have a market leading product.

Ebay & Website Integrated Management System

The Freetimers' approach is to help our clients with all aspects of the Internet, and business process improvement is a big one, because it helps our clients become increasing efficient, and therefore better able to service their clients and compete than their competition.  We quickly developed a version of our product and ecommerce modules to incorporate third party shop management, so product pricing and description can quickly and easily be targeted at whatever retail channels are being used, from Ebay, Amazon and Play, to comparison sites and Google Base.

If you would like to find out more about our fully integrated system, please contact us for a free discussion to discuss your needs and how we can meet them, on 01604 638421.


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