"Freetimers have managed our web presence for 10 years now, and our sites have consistently delivered over that decade, despite huge changes in the market. 10 years ago we were one of 400 entries on google, today one of 750k - but still on page 1, in fact we're No 1!!. Thank You"

P Poulson, MD, Sunday Best

Freetimers Internet: Call Now 01604 638 421

Client Support

Contacting Support

Call Support 01604 633585If you are a Freetimers' customer and you need some assistance with your website, domain name, hosting account, digital certificate, email, blog, social media or broadband (if supplied by Freetimers), don't hesitate to contact us, either by phone, email or Skype, using the details below.

If you have a support contract, your support request will be given priority over those without a contract.  If you don't have a support contract, we will still help you with support, but we may ask you to start a contract or there may be a charge.

Email, Website or Webadmin Support

When you contact us it is very important that you be very specific about the problem.  To solve your issue, most of the time we need to be able to reproduce it, and to do so, we need to know EXACTLY what you did, in what order and with which files.  Without that level of precision, we may not be able to reproduce the issue, and if we can't reproduce it, we may not know what we have to fix!

To contact Support either:

  1. Phone 01604 633585 (9am-5:30pm Mon-Fri)
  2. Complete our Support Request Form (click here)
  3. Email support@www.freetimers.com
  4. Use Skype and speak to Samantha at ft-support
    (please note we are not often available using Skype)
Our normal hours for support are 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, but outside those hours you can still email us.

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