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Website Programming is a Key to Future Internet Competitiveness

Being able to compete on the Internet is tough and increasingly costly.  In the history of the internet and ecommerce it used to be that having a reasonable price, a good looking site (not always the rule!), and being found on the search engines was enough to generate considerable success.  Businesses who had deep pockets but were failing at search engine optimisation were able to get around the ‘getting found’ issue by using pay per click services like Google Adwords (at considerable extra cost I might add).

But the internet never stands still, and one of the key features of its effects on our world is that it eventually puts all the competitors for a product in one easy place for consumers to look at, effectively creating an online high street where prices and product specifications can be easily checked.  Probably around 3-4 years ago experienced ecommerce practitioners like Freetimers starting noticing a clear change in consumer behaviour that put this process into sharp relief. Instead of just searching for a general product description using a ‘generic’ search phrase, and then buying the product from the first couple of sites they went to, people were now starting to use the generic searches for finding out information about the product, and then only buying after a very specific product search.  (more…)