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Search Engine Optimisation

Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Call Support 01604 628429Once you have a website, the next most important task is probably going to be to ensure it can be located on the search engines, primarily Google, but also Yahoo, Bing and others. Because the vast majority of potential visitors to your site will use search engines to find it, this is absolutely essential.

To have your site found on Google and the other engines, your site needs to have its most fundamental information about it placed in the HTML programming tags that the search engines look at.

This process is called ‘search engine optimisation’ and the most simple, yet essential part of this we at Freetimers call “Basic Search Engine Optimisation”.

Basic Optimisation deals with the fundamentals every site should have, to at least give it a reasonable chance of being found and ranking on Google at all. Usually it involves providing every page on your site, with unique title and meta tags, specifically the meta description and meta keywords. It is also important now that these are unique, because a site may be marked down or even penalised by Google for duplicate content, if a common title and description tag is used.

Costs for Basic Optimisation usually start at around £100 but depends on the number of pages and varying content of these pages on your site.

To find out more or for a quote, please contact us on 01604 628429.

Please note that Basic Optimisation is the starting point for the search optimisation of your site, and in competitive markets will not be enough on its own for your site to attain a high ranking on Google for anything other than very niche search phrases.

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