After Freetimers started their SEO work to our website 3 months ago, our Google rankings, visitors and the number of enquiries we received increased dramatically. We have seen a great improvement on the site with one off cleaning enquiries up over 300%, we are really pleased! We've used other SEO services but never received results anything like as good as this.

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Recent Google Ranking Results

Call Support 01604 628429Freetimers achieves some quite amazing Google rankings for our clients, and below we provide a list of some of the most notable organic ranks we have won, showing the rank and the amount of competition.  Please note this is only a small sample, and for many of our clients we actively work on hundreds of search phrases, and these grow in number, every month.  For example, in August 2011, our client Boomerang achieved 78% of all its search phrases in Google's top 5. Similarly for the Garage Door Centre, of its main list of 240 search phrases (keywords), 75% were in the top 5 positions on Google.

Unlike many SEO companies, we get results for very very competitive markets, not just for the more niche or local search phrases which are much easier to do well on.  Some of the markets shown below are amongst the most competitive on the Internet, so if you really need to get top rankings, you won't do better than Freetimers.

Sample rankings on July 2014

Search Phrase Rank Competition
(M=millions of competing webpages)
apartment block management 1 2.1M
automatic sliding gates 1 2.5M
automatic swing gates 1 3.6M
baptism outfits 1 5.3M
bargain garage doors 1 2.7M
block management services 1 83.9M
business finance services 1 316.0M
Canada family holiday 1 286.0M
Canada package holidays 1 90.2M
chimney fittings 1 7.8M
christening gowns 2 2.5M
classic British films online 1 13.3M
company recovery finance 1 153.0M
cookers 1 21.8M
data recovery solutions 1 62.4M
digital jamming systems 1 4.7M
disaster recovery companies 1 39.8M
disaster recovery services 1 30.5M
domestic flat roofing repairs 1 1.2M
domestic roofing replacement 1 16.8M
dual fuel range cookers 1 1.0M
energy efficient builders 1 15.4M
games rental 1 14.0M
garage doors online 1 24.8M
golf for kids UK 1 202.0M
hard back printing 2 34.3M
hedgefund IT solutions 1 1.8M
holidays to Canada 1 18.2M
holidays to New Zealand 1 84.0M
international carriage UK 1 1.8M
kids golfing advice 1 66.9M
military surveillance products 1 3.2M
new oak posts 1 66.0M
New Zealand package holidays 1 277.0M
pet business jobs 1 74.0M
pet business news 1 130.0M
pet retailing 1 1.9M
pet shop trade 1 22.7M
pet trade news 1 164.0M
police control systems 1 51.8M
publishing services London 1 50.9M
railway sleepers 1 0.9M
range cookers 1 2.6M
Rangemaster 2 3.3M
rare British films 1 15.4M
remote control operators 1 33.0M
rent xbox 360 games 1 25.7M
roller garage door 1 6.5M
rooflights 2 1.5M
sectional garage doors 1 1.9M
secure warehousing UK 1 24.6M
ski carriage 1 4.5M
skylights 1 16.9M
soft back publishing 1 54.1M
stove accessories 1 17.4M
traditional christening gowns 1 3.0M
trusted driving schools 1 3.5M
UK international logistics 1 17.6M
UK kids golf 1 8.0M
up and over garage doors 1 8.6M
vasectomy reversals 1 1.1M
video downlink equipment 1 1.7M
website programmers 1 22.5M
website programming UK 1 25.1M

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Garage Doors Online

Results Summary at end February 2013

20 of 20 most important phrases in Google Top 10

Additional un-monitored phrases in Google Top 10:  25,000 +

No 1 Ecommerce Website in Sector in the UK

Currently 66k visitors, 580k page views, 5 million hits per month

Google No1 for 'garage door' and 'garage doors' 

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