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Freetimers has its own in-house programming team, unlike many smaller website design businesses. Because of this we can offer first rate support to our clients, who if necessary can actually talk to the programmer working on their site, if they need to. Believe it, this is somewhat unusual!

We do our own programming, and have developed a wide range of web related applications which are second to none. Whether server-side programming, or client-side programming, we do it, and we do it here.

Our programming experience and expertise is extensive, and as a result we also provide programming services to a growing number of partner design and marketing firms who wisely have chosen to work with a proven and reliable external partner rather than stray into an area in which they have little experience, or to rely on individual contractors who may not be able to be relied upon to support the work after the job is done.

These partnerships have proven their worth time and time again, to the benefit of the designer/marketer, Freetimers and especially the ultimate client.

Almost every week, Freetimers’ programming team comes to the rescue of a client who’s programmer has vanished or has proven unreliable. So we say, don’t re-invent the wheel, go straight to a professional firm and you won’t be sorry later.

Our programming work usually comes in two forms:
1) Web Programming, for websites or for the database administration systems both on and offline servicing them; and
2) Bespoke and Application Programming services which are unique to every client

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