"Since starting our relationship with Freetimers our site www.floorsupplies.co.uk has seen a large amount of traffic coming through. Freetimers are a very friendly company to deal with and are very proactive; also communications are responded to fast and efficiently. A recommended company all round."

Steve Turvey, General Manager, Floor Supplies

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Web Programming

PHP, ASP & .Net Programming

Freetimers has been developing dynamic websites and other applications since 1999. After producing some 850 websites our programming team is very experienced and versatile, and we can program in just about any language required to meet our clients’ needs.

PHP Programming

Call Now 01604 638421Most of our dynamic programming is done using PHP (and MySQL database) which is our preferred language, because of its speed, power and versatility. It (and MySQL) is also free to use, which significantly reduces deployment costs for our clients. PHP is the most widely used dynamic language on the internet, and its use is increasing at the expense of the other languages, so we believe its future is assured. 

ASP & .Net Programming

We also regularly programme in the proprietary Microsoft equivalents of PHP, classical ASP and its more recent evolution in .Net. Like PHP, both are powerful and widely used languages which Freetimers supports. Unlike PHP, because of the proprietary origin of the languages, costs for hosting and dedicated servers are usually higher because of the licensing costs, however many companies already making significant investment in Microsoft software for their back office system, prefer maintaining a consistent environment between the web and their back office systems.

Whichever be your preference Freetimers' programming service can help you.  Contact us today by phoning 01604 638421.