"Since starting our relationship with Freetimers our site www.floorsupplies.co.uk has seen a large amount of traffic coming through. Freetimers are a very friendly company to deal with and are very proactive; also communications are responded to fast and efficiently. A recommended company all round."

Steve Turvey, General Manager, Floor Supplies

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Phased development

phased developmentPart of our service to our website clients is to review their business strategy and to help determine the best course of action for the development of their web presence. Often, particularly for new businesses, the advice is not necessarily to do everything at once -- sometimes it's better to develop slowly and to use the feedback received from prospective customers to drive the site's further development, rather than pre-judging their reaction and trying to produce the 'perfect' site from day 1. This can be better for the business, better for the customers, and much better for the cashflow and the mitigation of risk.

Freetimers will not encourage you to do too much just so we can make more profit at your expense. We take the long term point of view, and will be upfront in explaining there are always other options, many times taking the form of a phased approach, covering 1-3 years. An example might be to start with a brochure website, then 6 months in add ecommerce, then 6 months later convert to a database driven site, and then later still integratingback-office business systems such as inventory control, customer accounts and invoicing.

If this is an approach which suits you and your business or organisation, contact us and we'll help work out a strategy that works.