The simplicity and speed at which our website was designed has restored my faith in websites. Prior to instructing Freetimers we had been quoted some very high prices and shown some not very good websites. The process was taken step by step. Freetimers guided us and pushed us to get our content onto the site. Maintaining the site has been easy for both existing and new staff to pick up.

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Domains And Hosting

Hosting Introduction

Call Now 01604 638421At Freetimers our hosting services have been constantly developed and improved since we started in 1997. Being an experienced company by comparison to many in the Internet field, we have gone to great lengths to ensure we have the best hosting available, where ever you or your target customer base may be in the world.

You may have been told by others that location of your server or hosting account doesn't matter, but we can assure you that often it does -- particularly when your competitor's websites are hosted in the host market, and all seem to load up 20 seconds faster than yours!

To really make your mark, your business needs to be as customer-friendly as possible, so as with many things, with hosting it can also be location, location, location! So where ever you are, and whatever market you're in:

UK / Europe / America / Far East / Australasia

No matter where you trade in the world, Freetimers has a world-class hosting service for you at easily affordable prices. With first-rate Internet connectivity in some of the best network operating centres on the planet, we have made a significant investment to ensure all our hosting packages provide the best possible balance between:

  • quality
  • performance
  • reliability
  • geographical coverage
  • price

For the serious website operator, these are the main considerations in choosing a hosting service, and we've done the work for you to get the balance right.