“You're No 1 ! Freetimers increased traffic to our site by 1200% in the first year" "When we came to Freetimers we were nowhere on the search engines. Now we are one of the top marinas and our narrowboat sales have hugely increased. To date the traffic improvement to our site is approaching 2000%."

S Woodward, MD, Trinity Marinas

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Adwords Marketing, Professional PPC Management Services

Call Now 01604 628429Google Adwords is the Google search engine’s own version of pay per client (ppc) advertising. Google launched its Adwords service in 2000, and Freetimers has been actively using it for our clients ever since. We now have several Adwords experts in our Web Marketing team, and manage campaigns of many £thousands every month very successfully.

When Adwords first started it was a relatively simply product, however more than 10 years on it is now very sophisticated, and takes quite a bit of knowledge and experience to use it well, maximising the results whilst minimising the costs. Generally we find we can often double the results for our clients when we take over from another agency, and even more where we start managing a campaign set up by a lay person.

Our ppc set up costs start from as low as £100 with a minimum monthly management charge of £50. The more time spent on preparing a campaign however, the better it subsequently works, so for major campaigns, you should expect to have to pay more to have it set up well. The benefits however greatly outweigh these initial costs, with campaigns costing many times less each month than they would without a proper set up being carried out.

To learn more about our Adwords management and set up capabilities, contact our Web Marketing team today on 01604 626429.