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The xx new album goes viral after they released it to just one fan

The xx, who became a word of mouth phenomenon when they produced their first album in 2009, recreated their past viral triumph by releasing a stream to their second album Coexist to one superfan on Facebook days before its official release date.

Just 24 hours later the site crashed due to the millions of streams. XL Recordings and Microsoft worked together to create a visual map of how the stream was shared, inspired from the maps used to track flight paths. The map has a burst of lights and lines showing how the stream moved from one computer in London across the globe.

Tory minister in ‘fake’ Twitter followers row

Investigations into Conservative chairman Grant Shapps’ Twitter account reveals that he regularly follows large numbers of accounts and unfollows them if they do not follow back in order to have a perceived large following.

Analysis of his account shows that a large increase in followers is shortly followed by a large decrease. The former UK housing minister has a list of unusual followers from distant counties, which include a bee keeping  project in Morocco, sparking debate about the authenticity of his account.

There are some Twitter users who use software that automatically follows a set number in the hope that they will follow back and boost the number of followers. Shapps, who has over 55,000 followers said that he “Generally, thought it polite to follow folks back.”

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