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Reach your Audience with a mobile-friendly version of your Website


Different people will use different mobile phones to browse the internet on-the-go; which makes reaching a mobile audience fundamental for businesses looking to increase their enquiries, conversions and sales.

A mobile-friendly version of your website is completely customised for mobile devices, and because more people are using mobiles to browse the internet, businesses can potentially reach wider audiences and gain loyal, returning customers in the process.

Not all websites are suitable for a range of mobile phones, and a mobile version can help businesses improve user experience (UX) for a mobile audience, meaning their visitors can complete any on-the-go tasks efficiently, whether they want to purchase a product or make an email enquiry, which can potentially lead to increased enquiries, conversions, and sales.

More people are sending and reading emails on their mobile phone, and they’re more likely to make an enquiry if the website they visit is mobile-friendly. The same can be said for sales, and if a business can make the process of purchasing a product on their website mobile-friendly, then they can potentially improve their sales.

Freetimers has created a range of mobile-friendly websites for a wide range of our clients, helping them improve their online performance on mobile phones.

If you’re looking to build strong relationships with customers and increase enquiries, conversions and sales by targeting a mobile audience then call Freetimers today on 638421, and we can discuss your mobile website potential.