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PPC – An Important Part of your Marketing Mix

More and more people are using and considering pay per click (PPC) marketing to improve their business’s online performance, and if it is set up and managed correctly, it can be an extremely successful web marketing method.

PPC was invented in 1998 by, and it has since turned providers, like Google, into major advertising income generators. Today many search engines and major online portals offer pay per click advertising, including Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare among others. Whether a business wants to choose one PPC provider or a create a combination of PPC campaigns, the concept remains the same. Each time a customer clicks on the advert, they will be redirected to the visitor’s website, where they aim to convert the visitor into a customer.

To ensure your advertisement is placed on search engines or social media networking websites, you must outbid your competitors for a key phrase or a specific product, once your bid is deemed high enough, you will pay that bid fee each time a customer clicks on your advertisement, effectively making it a ‘pay for results’ marketing method.

Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads both benefit from the possibility of adverts being placed in the right hand column as well as in their news feeds, while Facebook profits from detailed demographic targeting, such as age, gender location and interests. LinkedIn Ads reaches a professional user base with business to business targeting demographics including job title, function, industry and company size.

Foursquare Ads is relatively new, and aims to help businesses draw visitors into their (physical) store, by showing adverts to potential customers who are nearby and ready to part with their money. Google AdWords reaches a large audience with multiple channels, including search engine and display adverts, while Bing is similar but has a smaller audience, making their search phrase bidding less expensive.

Freetimers has been helping businesses set up and manage PPC campaigns from the very beginning, and we are currently offering a Google AdWords voucher for new clients; turning £25 of AdWords credit into £100. To find out more call Freetimers today on 0800 458 4260.