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Customer control: E-commerce shoppers expect consistency

‘Omni-channel’ retailers perform best when they put their customers in control of shaping their e-commerce operations, according to a report from Aberdeen Group.


The business analyst explains that brands with a presence online and in bricks-and-mortar stores need to be able to offer a consistent customer experience across all channels.


Report author Chris Cunnane adds: “This doesn’t mean that the customer expects every touch-point to look and feel exactly the same across all channels.


“But it does mean that the customer expects a consistent brand experience regardless of how or where they interact with a retailer.”


Although the report speaks of putting the customer in the driving seat, what many B2C shoppers and B2B clients are looking for is simply a consistent brand experience.


This means developing an e-commerce site that suits existing real-world operations, whether it is a simple online catalogue or a fully featured database-driven payments-processing site.


Once in place, your new site can be promoted with branded, on-theme messages both online and offline, helping to increase your brand recognition and awareness among your target customers.


And all of this, taken together, means your website should come to be viewed not as an add-on to your existing bricks-and-mortar operations, but as an equal and complementary part of your omni-channel organisation.


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