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Effective use of Technology Key to Competitiveness this decade

One of our Directors recently found this write up by the Information Technology Telecommunications and
Electronics Association on their website:

“Intellect strongly believes that the effective
exploitation of technology is critical to the UK achieving robust
and sustainable economic growth in the future. If the UK is to
compete in an increasingly competitive global economy, it must be at
the forefront of exploiting technology to accelerate productivity
growth and unleash innovation.

The global economy in the rest of this decade will be much less
benign than it was in the long period of demand-led expansion that
ended in 2007/8. As over indebted developed countries and emerging
new economies struggle to grow in a demand constrained world the
race for global competitiveness will become much more intense.
Competitiveness is determined by a range of factors, but perhaps the
most fundamental in the 21st century global digital economy is the
ability to make efficient and effective use of technology to drive
innovation and accelerate productivity growth – what we term in this
report tech-excellence.”

Their conclusions are very similar to ours in our blog from a year ago: Website Programming is a Key to Future Internet Competitiveness.    Have a read; it’s important stuff!