Freetimers Blog » Apple to pay compensation for copyright issues

Apple to pay compensation for copyright issues

Apple is being forced to pay compensation to eight writers
and two publishing companies in China.

Apple has been accused of violating copyrights as it
emerges that unlicensed eBooks were sold via their online store. They are being
ordered to pay 1.03 yuan (approx £100,000) in compensation.

This is not the first time that Apple has faced legal battles in China. Just
last September, the company was sued by a Chinese encyclopaedia publisher,
again for copyright issues.

At the beginning of the year Apple paid $60m to settle a dispute with
Chinese company Proview who claimed that they owned the rights to the name
‘iPad’. Apple, who claimed that they had already bought the global rights to
the iPad name for £35,000, lost the right to sell using the name in  China, which resulted in iPads being taken
off the Chinese market; one of Apple’s fastest growing markets.