Freetimers Blog » Will Microsoft break the smartphone market?

Will Microsoft break the smartphone market?

Microsoft’s latest foray into the smartphone market begins as the Windows
Phone 8 goes on sale. Whilst reviewers and the relative few who bought the
Windows Phone 7 praised the product, sales were slow despite the fast growing
market.  Even with more features and
improvements on the original, it would seem that many people are reluctant to
stray from their iPhone or Android counterparts.

The story of Microsoft having a great product that fails to impress the masses
sounds strangely familiar to Microsoft’s venture into the gaming market. X-Box
was first launched back in 2001, but until recent years has always been placed
behind Nintendo and Sony in the market. After some necessary tweaks, and the
launch of X-Box Live, the X-Box is now a very close second behind Sony’s

The big pull for the Windows Phone 8 will be Microsoft itself; with software
provided by Microsoft Office, Skype and Windows 8, it would seem that just like
Apple and Google, Microsoft is building an eco system of gadgets that will work
harmoniously together. Speaking about Windows Phone and Windows in a video
Blog, Bill Gates said, “It’s evolving, literally, into being a single

“The signs are that many users will to migrate to Windows 8 over the next
few years,” comments Greg Poulson of Freetimers. “If this happens, it looks
possible that the Windows Phone 8 could prove considerably more successful than
its predecessor.”