I just realized, there was no 'under construction' sign. It is done. We have given birth! Wonderful. XXXXX [a big company!] recently called. I hope I get their account! The site really looks great."

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Content Management

Website Administration Systems

Freetimers has always embraced the principle that our clients should be able to manage as much of their website's content as possible, and pursuant to that we have been developing online password-entry website administration systems since 1998.

With the associated development of our Freedom Content Management System (CMS) in 1999, our online website administration systems have been continuously developed and always been ahead of the vast majority of similar systems in the market.

Today all our websites are produced with content management and online site admin, even for quite simple sites, so our clients can have some control over their content and make changes without them having to contact us.  For more complex requirements, our online website management system has around 65 standard modules, but unlike other systems, our's is made to be easily expanded and customised.

Combined Website & Business Management that Grows as You Do

Call Now 01604 638421Because all businesses are different, Freetimers' online administration systems have now developed into much more of an online business management system than simply a website management system.  Our systems are designed with an architecture that facilitates customisation and expansion to match what our customer's businesses need, so we are easily able to tailor and add to the functionality to help our clients better manage their businesses.

In future it is clear that competition will be increasingly fierce, so we help our clients be more competitive than their competitors by improving and automating business processes and procedures and integrating this within a seamless web/back-office environment.  This means that when they grow, they are better able to handle the growth, better able to make informed decisions, and better able to provide quality customer service, making them more efficient, but also better at all aspects of their business than the competition. 

Continuously Improving Competitive Advantage

Because our systems are designed for expansion, this means the typical costs for customising and expanding our system tend to be 2-3 times less than using off-the-shelf applications and trying to customise them.  For on-going development we can be less expensive than the alternatives, faster to develop, and easier to target functionality at a business' specific needs, all of which adds up to a big potential competitive advantage.  Our experience so far is that our systems and the better development process has the potential to put our clients into an unassailable position on the internet, with very few competitors being able to keep pace.

If you are serious about driving your business forward, and recognise that price is not the only arena of competition, then Freetimers can definitely help you achieve some spectacular results.  For an initial informal chat about how we can help you, and the advantages our customisable online management systems can provide, contact our Managing Director Greg Poulson, on 01604-626477.

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