We would like to take this opportunity to thank you...for your professionalism, quality of service, accuracy and detailed design work in providing us with our totally new web site...We would have no hesitation in recommending your company to any prospective organisation...whatever their particular area of business.

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I want to change my website myself, easily...

Call Now 01604 638421In that case we have exactly what you need, a first class content management, or CMS system. We started developing our multi-modular CMS system, called ‘Freedom CMS’ in 1999, way ahead of most of the other systems you may have heard of. Now on its 5th major revision, with it our clients can manage their website’s content, products, pictures, etc., and new pages can be added at will, with complete flexibility on how they are added to the site’s navigation system.

With 65+ standard modules, our Freedom system also distinguishes itself from other systems because it has been made, specifically, to be easily expanded and customised. This means our system can easily grow with you, and adapt to do potentially anything you need it to. Most other CMS systems are designed much more as highly integrated applications, and because of this they are much harder to change. For example, we have found repeatedly with a number of off the shelf and open source systems (such as Joomla, OsCommerce, WordPress, etc), that these systems take 2-3 times longer to change and expand than our Freedom system.

WebsitesSelf ManagementThis benefit has arisen not by accident, but by huge experience of website development and programming. Some of our most successful clients are now able to manage virtually their whole business, with sophisticated administrative functionality which ensures their business not only can sell successfully online, but they can service it all too, and keep themselves highly efficient so they can out-compete their competition.

If you are a forward thinking business planning to grow, and wanting to do it right, Freetimers should be your choice of internet partner.

Phone or contact us today on 01604 638421 for a free discussion about how we can help you.

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