Upon searching for an SEO company we were looking for only the BEST. Freetimers had proven results that they were more than happy to share. Only a few months down the line and traffic is high with the added bonus of those extra sales which easily cover the SEO expenses. I can vouch for these guys

WD, MD Crane Handling

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Freetimers Internet: About Us

Website Programming & Development

Freetimers has been developing websites and web-based applications since 1997. Today we maintain our own team of website developers and programmers, ready to do our client's bidding for whatever their website and business requires.

Whether you need a simple site or a very complex one, we can help you, but more than that, we can help you grow and evolve. After nearly 15 years of web development and website programming experience, it has become very clear that the best websites evolve. Now we say that our service starts when your website goes live. Once people really start using your site, that is when you really start to see what is going to be required to make it successful and keep it successful. 

Ongoing Website Development

Multi-phase development of your website should be a normal part of a website’s lifetime, particularly if you are proactive about making it work and meeting the needs of customers.

Importantly, phasing your website developement can also save you loads of investment, because you can prove a website will be a success before making a much larger investment.  New web development can be added as the site's success is proven and as the business develops, giving as well a much better return on investment (ROI) for the site owner. 

The Freetimers Web Development Service

When we work with you as a client we will not just sheepishly produce what you think you need; we will help you examine all aspects of your website and its related business model, and add value by helping you to sharpen your offering, and focus your investment.

If a more sophisticated approach to website development is what you are looking for, contact Freetimers today on 01604-638421.

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