I wanted to say how impressed we all are here with your team – great support, quick answers, and our rating on Google is higher than it’s been in a long time for several of our key words/phrases! You’re all doing a great job, thank you!

Donna Pritchett, CTR Future Ltd

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OK, I’ve got the website, but it doesn’t really help me much...

This is another statement we hear all the time from new prospective clients, who obviously have a website which has not met their goals. However, this begs the question: why not? There could be many reasons, and ultimately it could be a combination of several. Here are a few of the most common reasons a website doesn't perform that we come across:

  • Call Now 01604 638421The site has not been constructed for search engine relevancy, or it has been poorly optimised
  • The site has not been built to suit the real reasons your business needs a website. Why do you have the website? Is it supposed to generate leads for you, is it a reference point for your existing customers, is it just supposed to be a validation tool that confirms your professionalism in the eyes of new potential customers, or is it a combination of these?
  • The site has been created but the content or pictures are poor or out of date, or the content is too inward looking and not customer-needs targeted
  • The site’s design looks too old. Particularly in the last two years, web design has grown up, because broadband speeds can now allow much more complex designs and bigger better pictures than previously.

Websites That WorkStrangely we do find that many website owners also do not seem to grasp that their website is the equivalent of the high street shop front window for their business. With just about everyone using the internet now, it is more important than ever to fully take on board this principle, and that just like a shop window, to be successful your website does need to be regularly updated, and progressively improved, making sure it reflects not only your products, but the needs of your customers that your product or service fulfils.  In other words, to ensure success, everyone involved needs to be 'engaged' fully in the website process.

At Freetimers we will not just produce a pretty design and great functionality for your site, we will work with you over the long term to help ensure it meets your business needs, including the needs and aspirations that you are trying to fulfil for your customers. We are business needs led – not design, marketing or programming led like most of our would-be competitors. So, whilst everything we do will have sales, marketing, design and programming elements to it, these are the tools used and deployed to tackle the needs of your business; not the other way around.

We also won’t produce a site and then leave you to your own devices. Our goal is to grow our business by helping you grow yours, and we both mean it and are good at it.
With Freetimers you get a long term partner who is fully interested in your business success, not a one-off supplier. If, like many of our clients, you have discovered through painful experience that what your business needs is such a partnership, then you should contact Freetimers without delay!

Phone us now on 01604 638421.

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