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Web Development

Web and Website Development Services

Freetimers is a very experienced and skilled web and website development company, having produced some 1000+ websites, plus other online delivered applications and presentations. Some of the websites and their related systems are extremely complex, and bespoke programming and development for these clients is an important part of our business, every month.

Call Now 01604 626477If you are a serious website owner, you will know that to be or remain successful, websites need to “evolve”. We work with our clients to help ensure this evolution takes place, and that your development investment is always targeted at those areas of your site or business that most needs it and/or that provides the best return.

We actively promote with our clients gradual website development in multiple phases where each phase is thought through and justified. In this process we work with you as your partner, making sure we all work together to properly assess issues and to ensure that your business does grow. Currently we can undertake development in most of the important programming languages.

Platehunter Mobile and Desktop Solution

Web Development and Back Office Integration

With the success we have helped our clients achieve with web development, it has also become clear that a holistic view of your business and all its processes, and integrating these with your website or other forms of internet-based delivery, is an increasingly important factor in maintaining your competitiveness, let along enhancing it. In the next 10 years we expect this level of system integration and the streamlining of business processes to be one of the most important areas for businesses to keep on top of.

With our business knowledge, systems and business-needs approach to development, we believe Freetimers is uniquely able to add value in this key area, beyond any other web developer we know.

If web development is important to you and the message above rings some bells, you should be talking to us straight away. Phone our Managing Director, Greg Poulson on 01604 626477 for an initial discussion.

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