The simplicity and speed at which our website was designed has restored my faith in websites. Prior to instructing Freetimers we had been quoted some very high prices and shown some not very good websites. The process was taken step by step. Freetimers guided us and pushed us to get our content onto the site. Maintaining the site has been easy for both existing and new staff to pick up.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Call Support 01604 628429With the advent and huge popularity of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube and many more, a new online advertising channel has developed which has the potential to reach volumes of consumers and businesses far greater than most marketeers could have hoped for in the past. The development of Blogs and Web 2.0, which changed the internet into a more interactive environment between users and publishers, social media marketing (SMM) has an enormous number of potential uses for businesses and organisations, and certainly should be considered as part of any online marketing campaign.

Don’t however be fooled by the current fashion that SMM is right for every business. It isn’t! At Freetimers we will help you decide where, if at all, it fits in your marketing, given your business priorities and your budgetary constraints.

Social Media Marketing for Online Product Advertising and Brand Awareness Campaigns

The most obvious use of social media has already been embraced by many large corporate advertisers. Many of the major social media sites, like Facebook, now have sophisticated advertising platforms and versions of pay per click (ppc) that allow a very high degree of targeting and flexibility. Freetimers can help you access these markets by helping you design your campaign, with an integrated and prioritised approach that puts this type of advertising in context.

If your need is to enhance your brand identity or to create a “following” or “interested community”, Freetimers can assist you with design, as well as managing, and adding content for your campaign. 

Using Social Media and Blogs for Customer Interaction and to Grow Trust

Social Media Marketing, Social Network Marketing, Twitter & Facebook Advertising, Blog Creation & ManagementAnother potential use of social media by businesses is to build relationships and trust with both existing and potential customers. For some businesses this can be part of an appropriate way forward so long as it is properly resourced. Freetimers can assist by designing pages and blogs, marketing them, providing content and managing the whole process as well as the ongoing resources assigned. To find out more, contact us on 01604 628429, or go to our pages on Twitter and Facebook marketing or Blog maintenance.

Social Media Marketing and Blogs for SEO Purposes

Social media and blogs can also play a part in an SEO strategy to boost your websites' search engine and Google rankings. Whilst the benefit should not be overstated, using blogs for current content on your website can tick a few Google boxes, and external blogs or social media content that refers to your website can also be important (see our current referring content page).

For an initial free of charge discussion on how social media and Blogs are relevant to your business, and how they best can be used as part of your marketing mix, phone our Web Marketing team today on 01604 628429.

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