We chose Freetimers, and the result has been fantastic, with huge increases in traffic and business. 3 years on, and the results just keep getting better! To top it off, we're now No1 on Google for our main search phrase 'garage doors' " A couple of years ago we felt the web would be an important way forward for Dove Group, and we then searched for an experienced and capable company to help us achieve our goal. We chose Freetimers, and the result has been fantastic" (nb. We have achieved a 3000% increase in traffic to the main GDC website in 3 years.)

N Dove, MD, The Garage Door Centre

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Freetimers has designed websites for just about every business type you can think of, and as you will see by the numbers we have chosen to show in this portfolio, we've produced more websites than probably any other website company in the region.  If you can express it -- we will design it!

Below is our Featured Portfolio, which looks at some of our most important projects and websites to provide you with some insight into how Freetimers will work with you...

We also have a Full Portfolio (click above) which shows some 100+ sites, a Quick Portfolio, which has links to corporate identity, flash, 3D and other design areas, and a Media Portfolio, which focuses more on Flash and 3D.

Once you've had a good look, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01604-638421.

Boomerang Rentals - boomerangrentals.co.uk


Boomerang came to us as a new business start-up in 2006.  Since then Freetimers has worked very closely with our client, and their business has grown steadily throughout its history, receiving numerous accolades including winning the WebUser magazine Best Site in the UK award with a full five star rating.  The success of this website is in large part a result of the continual effort and investment made into the site since 2006, with 23 phases of development carried out so far, and at least 3 major design updates.  Much of this on-going website development work has been not only to enhance the functionality of the website, but also to automate and streamline the business' processes and administration, so now the site boasts probably the most sophisticated management system in its industry.  Freetimers also hosts the website and has gradually evolved the hosting to a fully dedicated server system that is also fully PCI compliant.

In parallel with the website development, our web marketing has also been very successful building up the site's rankings in the search engines.  Our first major and obvious success was when we positioned the site as No 1 worldwide for ‘Nintendo Wii Games’ on both Google.co.uk and Google.com at the time of Nintendo Wii’s worldwide launch. 

Presently the site ranks in the top 3 of Google for some 80% of its search phrases against huge competition, including businesses with very deep pockets like LoveFilm.  The big phrase for this client is ‘games rental’ and the site is currently No1 on Google out of 69 Million competing sites, beating LoveFilm into No 3 (We have been consistantly beating LoveFilm on Google for at least the last 3 years).  We believe that Love Film currently pays in the region of 30 times what our client pays and we do better.  In July Boomerang also had one of its best months ever, with 69 No 1 positions on Google, 8 million hits, more than 40,000 visitors and a page to visitor ratio of 8:1.

Today we continue to work very closely with Boomerang with on-going development, Internet marketing and SEO.

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