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Call Now 01604 626477Do have a ‘big idea’ for a new online business? Or are you planning to start your own business that will use the Internet and an online management system to help you deliver your products or service to your intended customers?

If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, or even if it might be a ‘yes’ but you’re not sure, you should be talking with someone like Freetimers before you take the plunge, or as soon as possible after doing so. We have huge experience with online start-ups, and working closely with the principals to make them a success. Our track record is full of new start-ups, a great many of which have been very successful indeed.

What differentiates us from other design agencies, web designers, developers or programmers is several fold:

  • We are business-needs led, not design-led or steered by marketing or functionality pre-occupations. What that means is that we start from the point of view of your business, and everything else follows from that.
  • Our directors have wide and broad business management and entrepreneurial experience, covering many sectors and a number of senior management, finance, managing director and CEO roles, including growing businesses from start up, making them successful, and taking them public. We can and will give you real business advice, and we’ll use all our expertise along with yours to help you make the business a success. In short, we will work with you like an internet strategic partner, confidante and sounding board.
  • We will help you develop a realistic way to launch your business within your means, and determine the essential must-haves for the initial phase of your online business’ development, helping you to ensure you’re using your investment as wisely as possible, to maximise the chances for a successful outcome.
  • We’ll be honest. We’ll help you look carefully at your business plan and the business model, and encourage you to take a realistic view. We want your venture to be a success, but if the model has flaws, or high risks, we’ll make sure you know it.
  • Our raison d’etre is that our success depends to a great extent on yours. We pin our future to your coattails, in that as you grow, usually our business does too.
  • Top SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In our history, many of our start up successes have needed first rate SEO in order to succeed, and our SEO service is about as good as it gets. Most agencies say they can provide SEO, but the reality is that most are not good at it. We are, and we have a real, verifiable track record of getting our clients to the top, keeping them there, whilst continuously expanding their online presence.

If you are seeking the right partner to make your new business happen, we honestly don’t think you’ll find better than us. Contact our managing director, Greg Poulson, today on 01604-626477 for an initial, free of charge, and confidential discussion.

Here are some examples of our start up successes below.

Boomerang: Online Video Games Rental Service (boomerangrentals.co.uk)

Boomerangrentals.co.ukWe were first approached with the Boomerang startup idea for an online video game rental service in 2006. Initially we helped the client to determine what should be included in Phase 1 that would be sufficient to prove principle, but also within a budget the new business could afford. The business and the launch proved successful, and in 2010 it won WebUser Magazine’s Best Website award.

Now in 2013 Boomerang is the UK’s No. 1 online games rental service, and it continues to grow and improve its service, with probably the most sophisticated online management system in the sector. Development Phase 29 was recently completed and throughout the life of the business we have steered the website through a myriad of hosting solutions suitable for each stage of its development. It now has a fully dedicated and PCI compliant server system with multiple automatic data and file backups taken every day.

Freetimers also undertakes all the SEO for the site, which presently ranks in the top 3 of Google for some 80% of its search phrases against huge competition, including businesses with very deep pockets like LoveFilm, Blockbuster and Tesco Direct. In addition to being No1 on Google for ‘games rental’ for several years, for an idea as to scale, in September 2012, of the 371 search phrases we were actively monitoring, Boomerang had 208 No 1 positions on Google, all of its most important 10 phrases in the top 5 (8 of 10 at No 1), and 82% of all the phrases in Google’s top 10 results. To find out more, see our Boomerang article in our Featured Sites portfolio.

Simply Education: Online Automated Supply Teacher Recruitment (simplyeducation.co.uk)

Simplyeducation.co.ukSimply Education came to Freetimers as a start up idea in 2005, as a new recruitment business, initially focusing entirely on the supply teaching market. The main USP was to be that the business would be highly efficient from the start, all driven by an online administration system Freetimers would create, which would automate just about everything that could be automated. Freetimers designed and launched the initial site very successfully, and has worked with the client constantly throughout its lifetime, continuing today. Freetimers has managed the hosting of the site from a simple shared hosting service to a significant dedicated solution today, and the business now boasts over 30 staff using the system we created, all day, every day. We also do all the site’s SEO (search engine optimisation) and undertake new complex web development work, every month. The business is now very successful, with a £multi-million turnover, and also had attracted investment from James Caan of Dragons Den fame, who approached our client, seeking to invest. To find out more, see our more detailed portfolio article.

Garage Doors Online: Garage Doors Ecommerce (garagedoorsonline.co.uk)

garagedoorsonline.co.ukGarage Doors Online was an ecommerce retail startup focusing on selling garage doors, spares and accessories. The client was very experienced in the garage doors field, but had never had an ecommerce website. The chief differentiator with this new website was that it would be able to cope with all the sophistication, variety, options and accessories offered by the manufacturers, which no other site in the sector had been able to do. In taking this extra, big step (garage doors are truly, amazingly complicated), it was thought this more advanced functionality and related management system would give the site a considerable competitive advantage, as well as provide its customers with a more flexible experience, letting them purchase and specify precisely what they wanted, as well as better customer service.

The site went live in 2007, and now is arguably the No 1 ecommerce website in the sector. The client currently has 10 websites and has evolved from being a local retailer to the UK’s No1 retailer of garage doors. Freetimers works with our client every day, and the websites are being continuously improved, as well as the back office systems and the integration between them, making Garage Doors Online a very successful, efficient and £multi-million turnover business. Freetimers also manages all the hosting and SEO for the site, and currently has it ranking in the Google Top 10 for in excess of 25,000 search phrases, including No 1 for ‘garage door’.

To find out more about our startup successes, and to start a dialogue regarding your own ideas, phone our MD Greg Poulson on 01604-626477.

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Garage Doors Online

Results Summary at end February 2013

20 of 20 most important phrases in Google Top 10

Additional un-monitored phrases in Google Top 10:  25,000 +

No 1 Ecommerce Website in Sector in the UK

Currently 66k visitors, 580k page views, 5 million hits per month

Google No1 for 'garage door' and 'garage doors' 

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