The simplicity and speed at which our website was designed has restored my faith in websites. Prior to instructing Freetimers we had been quoted some very high prices and shown some not very good websites. The process was taken step by step. Freetimers guided us and pushed us to get our content onto the site. Maintaining the site has been easy for both existing and new staff to pick up.

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eBay Active Content Ban - Improving User Experience

eBay have announced that as of June 2017, they will be enforcing an active content ban on their internet shopping platform. The ban will see eBay removing all active content, which includes JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins and form actions. Sellers will still be able to use listing templates, but this alteration will prevent them from using certain types of content within them. This means that sellers can still create informative and compelling listings, in a way that will be user-friendly for their buyers. The main reason behind this change lies in the need to create an excellent user experience. It will help to make eBay mobile friendly and will create listings that load faster. eBay have said of the change: “This is to help make sure your listings perform optimally on mobile devices, improving the shopping experience and helping you sell more”. This is especially important for modern-day shoppers, as it allows people to perform searches and make purchases quickly and easily using smartphone devices. It will also work to create better site security, giving shoppers more confidence in the platform. If you would like any advice about how to create your listings, you can read eBay’s official advice here. If the ban on active content proves successful for eBay, this could prompt other online shopping platforms to take similar steps. There is a lot of competition out there, so user experience is becoming more integral to selling than ever before.

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