We are very pleased with the site and are now waiting for the bookings to pour in!...Again, our many thanks for all your efforts with the website and your continued interest and enthusiasm to ensure its success.

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CTR Lasers 50% Enquiry Increase

Since their new site went live on December 21st 2012, CTR Lasers enquiry rate has increased by 49% over the same period the previous year. The site also has 66 new Google No 1 positions!

In just 3 months, Freetimers' SEO service has achieved a 62% visitor rate improvement, plus 66 Google No 1 positions, 171 Top 5 and 232 Top 10 placements.

Donna Pritchett of CTR says:

"This is great, thanks for the latest report...Just been looking at some of the figures and I’m very pleased to say we’ve had an increase in the number of lead enquiries which are coming through to us generated by the website (around a 49% increase in the leads that come through each month compared to last year..). Thanks for all of your work!"

We are of course pleased as punch that our work is paying off, but also are well aware we've only just started working with CTR Lasers, so we expect even better to come in future, and we'll never stop trying to constantly improve.

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