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Why the Eyes?

Yep, we’re asked this quite often! Actually, we’ve thought about it, and the eyes are part of our brand definition. Here’s why:

We have very high levels of skill, experience and knowledge of business, business on the internet, the internet environment and the expression of brand definition. Because of this we see deeper than most, and get better results for our clients.

Because we have broad experience over the Internet of a wide range of business sectors, we have been able to successfully predict its evolution, and translate this into strategic vision for Freetimers and our clients.

They say the eyes are ‘the window to the soul’. We work with our clients as an honest broker, constantly sharing our knowledge in partnership with our clients, because we believe in our clients and know our success is based on theirs. Our business is helping you grow yours.

As web designers go, we’re a bit unusual. We’re not design-led; nor are we programmers leading our clients down a road of unnecessary functionality. We are business and marketing led developers, and we look at things from a business perspective in your interests. To do the best job for you, we need to understand you and your business, and we make an effort to do so, so we can play a real strategic role in helping you achieve your goals.

Seeing is Knowing. We make an effort to know our job, the internet and your business, and direct our work not by dogma or ideology, but by science, knowledge and belief.

The internet changes constantly, and we are ever-watchful. Because of our approach we are usually way ahead of the curve and anticipate many of the developments and changes, for example, by Google. Our search engine placement skills are second to none.

Ideas are formed in the mind’s eye, and it takes imagination to come up with good ideas. We do this for our clients, every day.

In this day of modern communications people can be far apart, and never communicate person to person. We think person to person, eye to eye contact always makes a difference.

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