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A Website Redesign and Rebuild to Boost Sales

Websites are constantly evolving and there will always come a time when you need to consider whether or not to have it updated. This is especially the case for businesses that want to advance and continue meeting the requirements of their target audience.

A redesign can give your website a fresh look and it can show customers that you’re willing to maintain a modern image, but this could potentially mean that the website is still out of touch in terms of performance. Visitor experience is an important consideration if you want to gain loyal customers, and a rebuild can address every underlying issue on your current website; making it much more user-friendly for your customers and more effective in terms of gaining enquiries, conversions, sales and maximising return on investment.

Before opting for a rebuild or a redesign it is important to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and it can be seen as an opportunity to enhance your online image or rebrand it entirely if you feel it’s necessary. There is also the opportunity to have your website rebuilt for improved search engine positioning, and it’s fundamental to look at a website redesign and a rebuild as an opportunity to address every possible weakness, but also to make it flexible enough to develop even more in the future.

It must be said that if a website is performing well and doing everything it needs to, but it is a little outdated in terms of appearance; then a redesign can be beneficial and it’s crucial to evaluate the performance of your website in detail whilst considering your long-term business goals.


Remain Competitive with Design and Development

Websites change and evolve over time and for many businesses its not just a case of creating a website and leaving it be.

A high quality design that’s suited to your audience’s needs and interests is always important but so too is the functionality of the website. If your website does not meet your audience’s requirements because it’s difficult to navigate, lacking important applications or it is merely outdated then you may lose those prospective customers to competitors.

Professional website developers can ensure that your site is functioning well, but they can also develop your website and your businesses further with new applications and systems that improve user experience (UX) for your visitors.

Off-the-shelf applications and systems will often only take a business so far, and professional developers can give a business more control over their website, offering custom-made applications that are solely created with their businesses and target audience in mind. Developers are not to be confused with designers, but they both play important roles in the development and ongoing maintenance of a website.

With a tailored design and development solution, a business can not only maintain their competitiveness, but they can lead the way with modern website functionality as well as bespoke applications and designs that are cleverly created to turn visitors into customers.

Infinite Scrolling Websites built for Touch Screen Devices

Infinite scrolling (also known as endless or continuous scrolling) is a trend that’s becoming more popular on the internet but that does not always mean it can work effectively for business websites.

Popular touch screen devices such as tablets, mobile phones and eBook readers can have difficulties accessing elements of a website if it is not optimised for touch screen devices.  Infinite scrolling can be used to help a visitor (using a touch screen device) glide through a website’s content effortlessly without having to switch to different pages to find the information they are looking for.

It can, however, be important to understand the types of individuals visiting your website before you consider incorporating an infinite scroll design because you may find that it is not relevant for your target audience. For example, an easy-to-navigate website with various pages organising the content may be more effective in terms of influencing action from your visitors.

Freetimers has designed a wide range of websites incorporating various designs for different purposes, and our team can create bespoke websites from scratch; based around the targets of increasing sales, conversion and maximising return on investment (ROI).  To find out more and discuss what Freetimers can do for you and your business, contact our team today on 01604 638421.



Web Design Trends for 2014


Design trends are changing constantly and it can be beneficial to have a contemporary website that follows the latest developments, just as long as the aspects of the design are relevant to your target audience.

2013 may be noted as the year of ‘flat’ design, and this is likely to continue into 2014. Many individuals and businesses have replaced gradients and drop shadows from their website’s logos, text and icons on their website; instead opting for simple flat designs to keep up with the latest styles.

There have been notable improvements to a wide range of digital devices like smartphones over the last few years, especially when it comes to web browsing. Many websites now contain videos on their homepage, and loading times are quicker than they were previously, but again this approach should be thought through, always keeping your target audience’s needs in mind before making any significant website changes.

Long scrolling websites (also known as infinite, continuous or endless scrolling websites) are becoming more common, and 2014 is likely to see an increase in the number of websites using this feature to complement touch screen devices.

It must be said that design trends will always exist, yet one trend may be suitable for a distinct type of target audience than another, and this is why Freetimers emphasise just how important it is to consider your own audience’s needs before making impactful website design changes.




Reach your Audience with a mobile-friendly version of your Website


Different people will use different mobile phones to browse the internet on-the-go; which makes reaching a mobile audience fundamental for businesses looking to increase their enquiries, conversions and sales.

A mobile-friendly version of your website is completely customised for mobile devices, and because more people are using mobiles to browse the internet, businesses can potentially reach wider audiences and gain loyal, returning customers in the process.

Not all websites are suitable for a range of mobile phones, and a mobile version can help businesses improve user experience (UX) for a mobile audience, meaning their visitors can complete any on-the-go tasks efficiently, whether they want to purchase a product or make an email enquiry, which can potentially lead to increased enquiries, conversions, and sales.

More people are sending and reading emails on their mobile phone, and they’re more likely to make an enquiry if the website they visit is mobile-friendly. The same can be said for sales, and if a business can make the process of purchasing a product on their website mobile-friendly, then they can potentially improve their sales.

Freetimers has created a range of mobile-friendly websites for a wide range of our clients, helping them improve their online performance on mobile phones.

If you’re looking to build strong relationships with customers and increase enquiries, conversions and sales by targeting a mobile audience then call Freetimers today on 638421, and we can discuss your mobile website potential.

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