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Call Support 01604 628429In modern web marketing, articles about your website, business, products and services can be an important part of your business’ marketing mix. Articles can serve a number of important functions which Freetimers can help you make the most of.

SEO articles

Google likes to see new content being produced on or about your website. New Articles added to your website show Google it is active an up to date, which can give your site a bit of an edge over your competitors that are not adding new articles. Articles published elsewhere on the internet can also tick another of Google’s boxes for “current referring content” and potentially, when linked to your website, add a few points to Google’s assessment of how popular your website is, putting you higher in its organic search results rankings.

Brand Awareness Campaigns and PR

Another important reason for publishing articles about your business, brands and products is to create a buzz, increase your presence and promote your business. 

The Freetimers Article Writing Service

Whatever your reason for producing articles, our Web Marketing team at Freetimers can help you. With highly competitive pricing, we can assist with:

  • Having your articles published across a number of high profile sites
  • Spinning your articles, so each publishing of it produces unique content
  • Having our professional copywriters write your articles for you, when you don’t have the time
  • Writing a body of inexpensive and spun articles on your behalf using our “cheap article writing” service

Whatever your need regarding article writing and publishing, Freetimers can help you with an experienced, professional and competitively priced service. Contact our Web Marketing team today on 01604 628429.

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