After Freetimers started their SEO work to our website 3 months ago, our Google rankings, visitors and the number of enquiries we received increased dramatically. We have seen a great improvement on the site with one off cleaning enquiries up over 300%, we are really pleased! We've used other SEO services but never received results anything like as good as this.

L Shaw, Clean 4 Shaw

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Success On The Web

success on the webWhilst no one can guarantee success on the Internet, with the combination of our depth of experience, and our huge and growing scope of in-house skills and resources, Freetimers can give you the best chance of achieving it, at the outset of your Internet project, and during its evolution over time. In short, we have everything you need from an Internet partner--all you have to do is use us, and we'll be there when you need us, with objective advice and responsive service, at affordable competitive prices.

Importantly, our strategic, marketing, programming and design skills are very transferable across industries. Again, our capabilities in this respect have been tested in practice time after time, for totally different and diverse clients, from engineering firms, to schools, to estate agents to DJ's, and more (see our Industries Served page).

Call Now 01604 638421Nowadays with the scope of on-line tools and services available, every organisation needs to look at exactly what they want to achieve from their website.

  • Firstly an understanding of what can be achieved is essential.Freetimers can help you to understand your on-line potential.
  • The understanding that most business process’s can be duplicated more efficiently and cost effectively on-line.
  • The understanding of what can be achieved whether it be on-line sales, stock control, accounting, flexibility of data, content management etc. The scope is huge for genuine and tangible results.

Freetimers will enable you to make the right decision for your organisation’s future website and provide the understanding of how it can enhance the services that you provide to your stakeholders whilst improving efficiency and saving on costs too.

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