“You're No 1 ! Freetimers increased traffic to our site by 1200% in the first year" "When we came to Freetimers we were nowhere on the search engines. Now we are one of the top marinas and our narrowboat sales have hugely increased. To date the traffic improvement to our site is approaching 2000%."

S Woodward, MD, Trinity Marinas

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A mobile app or a mobile website, or both?

Smartphones can be used to install a variety of applications, and today many businesses will make a decision on whether or not want to design and create an app.

Applications can be accessed on mobile phones and tablets, and they can be built specifically for different platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. Rather than being rendered in the mobile browser, apps are installed onto a mobile device or tablet. Online applications gather data from the internet, while offline applications will download the content so it can be accessed without an internet connection. There is an alternative to an app and if you want to provide your target audience with regular content that is optimised for mobile phones, a mobile website can achieve this, so too can a responsive design (for your main website).

So when will an app become relevant? This is a key question, and it will depend on your own business. If you want to build your mobile presence and if you already have a mobile optimised website, an app could prove beneficial, especially if it has a specific purpose.

Applications also need to be built for various platforms, and adjustments will need to be made if you plan to provide your app across different platforms. Apps can be used to generate additional income, and this can be from advertising, in-app subscriptions, in-app purchases and from the cost of the app itself.

Freetimers can create responsive websites, mobile websites and mobile apps to expand a business’s reach. We have worked with clients from various business sectors, and we can help your business decide on the right mobile method for your business. To fulfil your mobile potential, call Freetimers today on 0800-970-1100.

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