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Anthony Gurr "National Domelight Company

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New Web Design targeted site Coming Soon

Freetimers currently operates a number of websites, with Freetimers.com the flagship corporate site, and FT-Webmarketing.co.uk our main SEO and Web Marketing targeted site, but our Freetimers.co.uk site has not been used for several years.

This is now about to be remedied with our all new Freetimers.co.uk website which will be targeted specifically at web design.  Whilst this may seem strange for a 'web design' company, Freetimers has mostly been focusing on differentiating ourselves from other web design firms by emphasizing our programming, development, web marketing expertise, as well as the great success our strategic partnership approach generates for our clients.

The new site is being added to our portfolio of websites to emphasise the design element of our business, which has always been one of the key offerings, and which will allow us to market the service separately without diffusing our unique partnership and business led offering.

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