The simplicity and speed at which our website was designed has restored my faith in websites. Prior to instructing Freetimers we had been quoted some very high prices and shown some not very good websites. The process was taken step by step. Freetimers guided us and pushed us to get our content onto the site. Maintaining the site has been easy for both existing and new staff to pick up.

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Freetimers Launches New Multi-Channel Ecommerce System

Working with some of our clients, Freetimers has developed a new Multi-Channel ecommerce module that integrates with our Freedom  Website Administration system.  Linking in with our product management and ecommerce modules, the new system enables seamless management of Ebay stores, their contents, products, and pricing, vastly reducing time for clients to manage product on both websites and other 3rd party ecommerce channels.  Orders over Ebay using Paypal are also fully integrated, so clients can manage all their order processing from a single system.

The system also integrates with Google Base and to a smaller extent with Amazon.  Two of our clients have immediately taken up the system, which has allowed them to very quickly deploy much larger numbers of product, as well as react much faster with price changes to reflect actions by competitors.

Phase 1 will soon be followed by additional phases to expand the functionality and the number of channels.

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Garage Doors Online

Results Summary at end February 2013

20 of 20 most important phrases in Google Top 10

Additional un-monitored phrases in Google Top 10:  25,000 +

No 1 Ecommerce Website in Sector in the UK

Currently 66k visitors, 580k page views, 5 million hits per month

Google No1 for 'garage door' and 'garage doors' 

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