"Freetimers have managed our web presence for 10 years now, and our sites have consistently delivered over that decade, despite huge changes in the market. 10 years ago we were one of 400 entries on google, today one of 750k - but still on page 1, in fact we're No 1!!. Thank You"

P Poulson, MD, Sunday Best

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GDC tops 1.6M hits

What Recession?  Our client GDC  has smashed through the 1.5 Million hits barrier in April 2009 with their flagship website thegaragedoorcentre.co.uk, which is surprising given the state of the economy.  They have also had their highest ever visitor rate and are maintaining a pages to visits ratio of between 7 and 10 pages per visit, which is great!

As you can imagine Freetimers is very pleased with GDC's ever-improving results.  Our MD Greg Poulson says:

"Our intention is to take the Garage Door Centre right to the top, and we are definately getting there.  They have recently had their main site updated, and the new design has proved very popular indeed.  One of their other new sites, garagedoorsonline.co.uk, is also starting to do well, contributing new sales, everyday.  Our SEO team also deserve congratulations at the truly spectacular results, first for thegaragedoorcentre.co.uk, now in top positions for almost every search phrase, and secondly for garagedoorsonline.co.uk, which now appears on Google's first page as well.  A good 'well done' all around."

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Results Summary at end February 2013

20 of 20 most important phrases in Google Top 10

Additional un-monitored phrases in Google Top 10:  25,000 +

No 1 Ecommerce Website in Sector in the UK

Currently 66k visitors, 580k page views, 5 million hits per month

Google No1 for 'garage door' and 'garage doors' 

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