I wanted to say how impressed we all are here with your team – great support, quick answers, and our rating on Google is higher than it’s been in a long time for several of our key words/phrases! You’re all doing a great job, thank you!

Donna Pritchett, CTR Future Ltd

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Boomerang Wins WebUser Gold Award

A full 5 Stars!  Our client Boomerang has just been rated the top Games Rental Site by Web User, winning their coveted Gold Award with 5 stars for ease of use and features.  Naturally we're very proud!

Our client Boomerang keeps getting better and better results, having won a Gold Star award from Web User magazine.  Freetimers of course does all the programming and development, as well as the SEO and web marketing, so we rightly can bask in their glory!

Congratulations Boomerang!

See the Boomerang site at www.boomerangrentals.co.uk.


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