Upon searching for an SEO company we were looking for only the BEST. Freetimers had proven results that they were more than happy to share. Only a few months down the line and traffic is high with the added bonus of those extra sales which easily cover the SEO expenses. I can vouch for these guys

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Boomerang Breaks 2.5M Hits Barrier

Boomerangrentals.co.uk, now one of the top games rental sites in the UK, has broken through the 2.5 million hits barrier, achieving 2.73 million in March 2008.

Boomerang chose Freetimers for its website development, web marketing and SEO services, and over the last two years has broken new records continually.  Achieving 2.7 million hits in March, Boomerang now is visited by around 25,000 visitors each month, averaging over 13 pages per visit.

The crowning glory was to achieve number 1 and number 2 positions on Google for 'Nintendo Wii Games' at launch!  Currently Freetimers is achieving Google rankings for Boomerang including 27 number 1 positions and a further 13 in the top 10.

Boomerang continues to grow, working closely with Freetimers in the development of its marketing and search engine optimisation strategies.

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